Fashion show “Life is a Beach Party”

As the weekend starts, it’s time to get away from the everyday Bangkok busy life. So on Saturday 20th of September Ocean Bangkok together with Vayla fashion Beachwear sponsored by Moxy introduced LIFE IS A BEACH PARTY! Guests had the chance to step away from the everyday city life and enjoy one of the best pools in Bangkok.‏

The crowd enjoyed a fashion show presenting the new collection of Vayla Beachwear sponsored by Moxy. Experience style, passion and exotic colors with the new collection of Vayla Beachwear. A new shop displaying Vayla products is now open at Ocean.
The Grass Roots Rise of a Global Beachwear Brand From Thailand
A love of beach life, a passion for fashion and inspiration from nature’s beauty are the secrets behind the international success of Vayla Beachwear, a unique grass-roots brand of colorful kaftan-style garments made in Thailand that is becoming a recognized brand worldwide.

Thai fashion designer Kamonrat Ladseeta (Emmy) is the visionary entrepreneur behind the new local beachwear brand that is now decorating the racks of boutique stores and resorts in Thailand and other resort destinations.

As founder and CEO of EM Modeling and Bangkok Event Entertainment, Emmy’s bold decision to start alone in the world of fashion has paid off. Vayla Beachwear offers great choices of beachwear, pareos, accessories that are ideal for pop out collections.

Why should people choose Vayla Beachwear?

When you wear Vayla Beachwear you know it’s something unique and with hand made finishing and quality materials. They are perfect for the beach and ideal for dressing up for special occasions like parties and dinners. This all what you need for summer time and exotic destinations.

The New Vayla Collection

The new collection is bright with colorful artwork inspired by patterns in nature from flowers and leaves to leopard spots, pythons and peacocks. We now have more than 100 designs. We don’t do mass production. Each piece is unique and our customers know they will get a unique garment – Wherever you want to go – Whoever you want to be – Vayla by Emmy.

Event Organizer by Bangkok Event Entertainment

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