Steve Vai Live in Bangkok

Steve Vai, Rocker guitarist, song writer and producer who is full package of live performance and gathering skills and idea to his songs. Also, he has inspired all the guitarist around the world. He used to work with a lot of superstars such as Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth , White-snake, Ozzy Osborne and once appeared in the movie “Crossroads” in a scene of guitar battle. He wrote the music like “For The Love of God” and “Tender Surrender” and many more. His masterpiece album “Passion and Warfare” is one of the best rock instrumental album ever.

Steve Vai has never stopped and given up to his career, he has created the perfect and variety songs always.
Venue: CentralWorld Live, CentralWorld 8th floor
Show Date: Tuesday August 6, 2013. Time: 9.00 P.M.

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