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A professional platform for the Spa & Well-being industry


the 4th edition of the World Spa & Well-being Convention (WSWC 2015) organized by the Thai Spa Association, Co-organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, and managed by IMPACT Exhibition Management company. This event draws together spa, wellness and related industry professionals from around the world in this one-of-a-kind industry event in the ASEAN region.



Education – Standards – Innovation



WSWC2015 seeks to build on past success and continue to explore all opportunities for business growth. A tri-part event, consisting of: a 3-day trade exhibition, a 2-day educational congress, and an awards night, giving exhibitors and business leaders a range of opportunities to network, build business connections and be inspired by industry innovations. Special exhibition highlights include Elemental Registration, an Education Hud, Spa Concierge, Spa Industry Study released in partnership with Stenden Rangsit University, Global Wellness Tourism Workshop (GWTW2015), Thailand Hot Spring Forum (THSF2015) Business Matching and other support activities.


WSWC2015 will continue to push the standards for the spa and well-being sector providing more business opportunities than ever before, in one of the fastest-growing niche market segments of the traval and tourism industry in the region.


With the region being home to approximately 1/3rd of the world’s spas, and the ASEAN Economic Community becoming a reality in late 2015, WSWC2015 will further solidify our global spa market position. Featuring quality spa operators, educators and business suppliers, the event again provides an educational platform, encouraging the development of higher industry standards, and promoting service and product innovation by showcasing the latest industry products and technologies to key decision makers from across the region, enabling new business connections to be forged.


The event will be held from 24-26 Sept 2015 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.



One platform, with industry and specialized educational seminare and workshops. Over twenty exhibiting nations and national pavilions expected. VIP Buyer program. Countless trade opportunities.



  1. Reach out to your buyers from the entire spectrum of the Spa & Well-being industry over 3 days
  2. Connect with new dealers and distributors from all over the world
  3. Generate immediate sales orders and source for new leads
  4. Showcase your technology and solutions to key decision makers
  5. Meet & Network to increase new business ties
  6. Build your brand and maintain relationship with your clients
  7. Leverage on highly targeted exhibition platform to increase your market share



  1. Explore & Update yourself on the latest industry trends and market happenings so as to gain a competitive advantage
  2. Meet face-to-face with leading exhibitors showcasing their products and services and the top-level decision makers
  3. Celebrate Thailand’s night of nights with the Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards (TSWA2015)
  4. See, Touch & Feel the exhibits available in WSWC2015
  5. Network with your industry practitioners and professionals and international industry players on a personal level to increase your market share
  6. Address your problems and find solutions through WSWC2015
  7. Direct Contact with potential customers and new business opportunities to help you increase your sales revenue



“The exhibition vas very enriching! We met interesting suppliers and manufacturers. Our venue has been perfectly scheduled by the organizer. l wish i could have stayed one more day! I would definitely like to come back next year”.



Lifestrong Marketing lnc, Philippines


The VIP buyers programme was perfectly arranged, from my arrival at the airport to the exhibition hall where I had proficient and relevant business meetings. For this very 1st edition, everything was so professionally organized both for exhibitors and buyers”.

Manfred Wong

Naturion Sdn Bhd, Malayisia


The VIP Buyers Programme was a great addition to the event. It gave exhibitors an even stronger chance to work and meet with new potential clients. It allowed our company to meet multiple individuals who can provide solutions for our products’ and needs. I’m not sure if we would have meet the different businesses we did, if it weren’t for the buyer matching and l’m sure good things will come from our meetings”.

Milott Laboratories Co.,Ltd.,Thailand



Wow! What an impressive show! there’re many quality visitors who came to the show.And we’ve got many new customers. thank you so much and see you again next year.

Saruda Thanaphan

Managing Director

The Signature S Co.,Ltd.


We are very happy with the outcome and will surely attend the exhibition next year.

Rattanawan Tongbusaya

General Manager

Tiger Eyes Education Co.,Ltd.


The show has improved very much from the first edition, keep up the good work!

Sharon Kaserer

Marketing Executive

Puri Co.,Ltd.



WSWC Exhibition: A showcase of Over 5,000 sqm with booths showcasing products and services from the spa and well-being industry including natural and organic products, skincare, professional and retail spa products, hair & nails, technology, design and more.


WSWCongress 2015: Fire has been an important part of all cultures and religions since the dawn of time, being key to the development of civilization. It has been regarded in many different contexts throughout history, but especially as a metaphysical constant of the world. Fire can give wings of courage, compassion and devotion. Fire is obstinate and heady and absolutely not subtle. It is seen as the force burning inside us, giving us an iron willpower to go for our goals, bestowing upon us the passion to do it with all of one’s self. Discover how fire can be harnessed as an essential element in the Spa & Well-being concept to regnite the energy necessary for a sustainable business in the indusstry.


Elemental Registration: Register for World Spa and Well-being Convertion will give you important information on which element can bring balance to your life.


Education Hub: A zone has been designated to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to present meaningful activities within the events education, standards&innovation concept. A myriad of activities to keep you engaged and leaving with an enriched mind and body. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the most out of our event. Attendance is free reservations are recommended due to limited seating.


Spa Concierge: From spa copyright to importation of spa products, international employment of spa therapists, which type of spa product should you use, or what benefit does a spa management company bring. We have experts to answer all your questions. Located at the front of the exhibition hall.


Spa Study Tours: Pre event tours are available for those seeking a deeper understanding of the kingdom’s spas.


Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards: A Gala celebration – the thailand Spa & Well-being industry’s nights to recognise excellence as voted for by both spa operators and spa consumers.


Thailand Hot Spring Forum (GWTW 2015): The spa sector in ASEAN is heavily reliant upontourism, and as the global wellness tourism industry there are multiple pooprtunities for entrepreneurs to build business.


President’s Breakfast: This by-invitation-only event for spa and well-being industry association presidents, to network and candidly discuss the industry and where it is heading.



Since being established in 2012, the World Spa & Well-being Convention has grown significantly each year,both in terms of exhibition space, number of exhibitors, nationality of exhibitors (20 in 2014), nationality of visitors (35 in 2013), number of supporting industry associations (19 in 2014), number of media partners, and volume of business transacted. WSWC2015 seeks to continue this growth, further ensuring the event as a key ‘one-of-a-kind’ regional industry event combining local and international organisation and management.


BOOST YOUR EXPOSURE: Become a Sponsor!

join as a sponsor and have your organization recognized as a leader and a supporter of thailand’s spa & well-being industry.

WSWC 2015’s sponsorship allows your company to stand out from the crowd. these sponsorships offer specially priced packages providing you with considerable exposure, recognition and value.


If your needs are not met by the options listed, we will be pleased to discuss a customized program to accommodate your specific requirements.



Lanyard Sponsorship                                                                         USD 5,000

Show Bags Sponsorship                                                                     USD 5,000

Show Banner Sponsorship

  • Excludes production of banner and rigging cost
  • Location of banner subject to availability and approval   USD 2,000

“YOU ARE HERE” Locator Displays                                               USD 3,000

PRESS Room Sponsorship                                                                USD 2,500



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